Issue: 10

Date: March 2003

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Amstrad Pen Pad PDA-600 reviewed. Bonz, a completly new computer game for the CPC written by Xavier Glattard. It comes with sorce code and tutorial on how it was made. We also have five game reviews from Mark Hall and an article on transferring .DSK images to your CPC.

Issue: 9

Date: November 2002

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Contains a review of WinAPE - the Amstrad PLUS emulator, the continuation of Copychr$ with "Copychr$ The Aftermath" and information on Future OS. Also, an article on getting into game programming plus a lot more.

Issue: 8

Date: August 2002

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Issue 8 is the CPC Issue with everything you ever wanted to know about the CPCNG plus more. With so much information along with artist impressions of the upcoming CPCNG, this issue is not to be missed.

Issue: 7

Date: July 2002

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The main feature article of Issue 7 is about transferring files back and forth between your PC and CPC. As well as four game reviews, gigantic CPC-NG techie article and the usual mix of programming tutorials, entertainment and fun, Issue 7 is the best so far. Also a new wider look!

Issue: 6

Date: June 2002

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Games galore this issue with five game reviews of Star Wars, IK+, Outrun, Empire Strikes Back and Operation Wolf. There's also the usual technical articles about the CPCNG, Z80 programming and a follow up article of Copychr$ to the fore.

Issue: 5

Date: May 2002

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Part 2 of celebrating the CPC 18th birthday with a look into the future. There's also an interesting article on putting COPYCHR$ to good use along with the continued monthly articles of Z80 programming & CPC-NG. Game reviews are fast paced and violent but fun with Le Mans 24 and Barbarian.

Issue: 4

Date: April 2002

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Celebrate the CPC's 18th Birthday with the biggest Issue of CPC Oxygen to date. Also, new Z80 programming tutorials plus translations of CPCO articles into French. Other new sections includes 'Retro Scan' which reprints past articles from great CPC magazines.

Issue: 3

Date: March 2002

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Issue three has the continuation articles about the CPC-NG and Knowledge Base which discuss such topics as PLAYTZX and BASIC for beginners. Harrier Attack reviews plus our first ever mailbox letter page! Most frightening news headline so far... 'Death of the CPC-NG', so lucky it's untrue then!

Issue: 2

Date: February 2002

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The issue that set the path for CPC Oxygen with a more professional layout and a number of great articles such as, The Sentinel and Arnold reviews. A really interesting article covers the history of the Zilog Z80 and other Zilog processors. A new great section is the 'Directory' for all the CPC links + more.

Issue: 1

Date: January 2002

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The first issue of CPC Oxygen where it all began, gaining a lot of support from other CPC users with the only criticism been the lack of articles (which was true). The main articles were about a greatly modified 464 and the eZ80, a Z80 compatible processor running at 50Hz.