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Castellum Secretum III: 'Castles and dreams'

Snake Plissken Reports

The third edition of this french meeting take place in Segré,a cold town J:-),in october 2008.The name of the meeting is the old latin name of segré wich mean ‘lost castle’.the name ‘castle and dreams’ was the subjet of the contest and the name of a live from ‘blackmore s night’ a medieval sounded groupe created by Ritchie Blackmore,the famous guitarsiste of deep purple and raibow(with ronnie james dio as singer-hi voxfreak !-).

It was an international meeting because two german were with us during all the week end :’exin’ & ‘magnum’ ,fan of Commodore 64 and graphist on CPC for exin.They tried to repair a C64 without succes(dead ram).

The meeting was as usual:coding,gfxing,sounding and really great food :-) ! We saw preview from Shinra Team(demo & game),Benediction(Eliot) with the well know Sudoku Master,Gpa-Tom & Jerry is coding a remake of an apple II game.Sylvestre & Tom&Jerry are working on the old barbarian game,they want to make better Gfx for this very funny’n’bloody game !

Kawickboy give and old game on tape ‘Costa Cappers’ to Tom&jerry but it was too hard to crack because the loader was strange:he display gfx during the loading.Tom&jerry:i’m sure you will release the crack !

The Saturday Night was time to the Commodore 64 show ! Exin & Magnum showed us several C64 demo,very amazing !

At nearly the same moment 5 PS2 where present and a lot of file where exange whith Xipy,Mouss and Exin.For thus who wanted ,guitar hero ,flatout 2 and The game with the web cam ‘eye toy’ where free to use on my little ps2 :-).

Tom&jerry(always him !) worked on this remake of an apple 2 game ‘who killed odile corchoux’,released few day ago:old text adventure with some gfx :-)

So a great meeting,great food,and this meeting is getting better every years !


Castles and Dreams
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Issue 14 February 2009

CPC Oxygen - Issue 14 February 2009

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