CMP Interview


[12:40] voXfReaX: Hello CMP. How are you? Everything o.k.?

[12:40] CMP: Fine! You? I am happy to make this interview with you

[12:41] voXfReaX: I am also really happy to interview you Let's start with a basic question CMP... Can you introduce yourself at the readers?

[12:43] CMP: My real name is Chris and I am a very old CPC user . I am 36 years old. I work as a CISCO technical engineer.

[12:43] voXfReaX: So, Chris, how all get started? How CPC came into your life?

[12:45] CMP: Ok My relationship with CPC began when I was 10 years old. I had seen this wonderful machine at a friend’s house. It was “The revolution” for me. It was really easy to copy games.

[12:46] voXfReaX: Now, you are a member of the great CPC scene Are you now a member of any CPC team???

[12:48] CMP: Well, I am an ex member of Paradox team. When Paradox died, I became a member of AST SYSTEM.
But actually now, I am a member of Impact Team (look at for more info). lol voxfreax , don"t hesitate to correct my bad english.

[12:49] voXfReaX: No worries Chris… I will…But let’s continue… How many members apart Impact team Chris? Can you name them and give us a small description for each one?

[12:50] CMP: The members that apart Impact are: AST, Demoniak, Sid, Kris, Rzool and me AST is the leader of Impact and a great coder (also, an ex AST System friend ). Demoniak is also a great coder (an ex Paradox friend). Kris is a gfx man , but also maintains often the website and SID is a coder, swapper.

[12:52] voXfReaX: I think you forgot one. Rzool ?

[12:52] CMP:…and rzool : our webmaster and swapper Aaarf! I am sorry. Aiiiii!!! Excuse me Rzl!!!

[12:53] voXfReaX: And you? What are doing?

[12:53] CMP: I am also a coder at the team. By the way, Impact is a team working on CPC old and plus generation.

[12:54] voXfReaX: You are a member of the CPC scene for so many years. I know that you released some stuff. Can you name any of your productions?

[12:55] CMP: I’ve been around for…hummmm…15 - 25 years I made the Bebetter demo, CMP demo, a part for Paradise demo, Paradox demo 1, Union demo, Byte 96 and Synergy 2.

[12:56] voXfReaX: for which are you prouder?

[12:57] CMP: Synergy 2 of course and paradise demo too.

[12:58] voXfReaX: Seeing Synergy demo 2 was a really great surprise. I believe that it is more like a contest between you and AST, as Synergy 1 was released by him as a coder and 2 by you. Is it like a bet? (Who will make a better demo?) Is it more motivating?

[12:59] CMP: No, no! It wasn’t a contest. Each member and coder must code a part for the team It is special for Demoniak because a lot of CPC - Pc tools were coded by him. I was really happy trying to recode a demo
after 15 years of absence from the CPC scene.

[13:01] voXfReaX: I Know that some years ago, you abandoned CPC scene. Can you specify any reasons for doing this?

[13:04] CMP: It's logic I was trying to code at my Amiga 500, plus the school and the girls… I couldn’t find any time to spend with CPC. Also, a lot of CPC people left the scene So, I was disappointed... But this is… life
Anyway, I was trying to follow the CPC activities Finally, at 2000 with the first CPC emulator, I was happy to watch again some old demos and games :)

[13:05] voXfReaX: Are there any releases – productions at any other machines?

[13:06] CMP: Yes, but none was released. Only a demo made in 386 ASM for the Saturn party 4. I tried Z80, 8086,386, turbo C, Delphi. It was a period called “Language at school”

[13:07] voXfReaX: And after all these years, you returned to the great CPC scene Why ? Did you miss it?

[13:09] CMP: Yes!!! Seriously, CPC is a great machine. Nothing can replace my old-school-scrolling demos. Arfff
Somewhere at the end of 2006, I found AST and Demoniak at a chat of phenixinformatique (a French CPC website), and I was happy to see that AST wanted to re-code on CPC, and that Demoniak, since a lot of years on IT, was coding again. Plus, the CPC emulator effect...... CPC passion was reloaded

[13:12] voXfReaX: Do you see any differences between the scene you left and the scene as it is now?

[13:12] CMP: Yes The new CPC scene is really more technical. And when I say technical, I mean that the guys now have more knowledge of CPC. The newer demos are really good and so amazing. For example, Ecole buissoniere, Tire au flan, DIA etc No comparison with 90s scroll-demos :) The new scene gives new concepts, very nice GFX and quality-sounds All are all made by the great CPC fans. But the problem is.... the number of people and the capacity to critic. But, all CPC productions are really amazing It's really hard to compare them with my synergy 2. (scroll rulezzz )

[13:16] voXfReaX: Which demos are your favorite, Chris ?

[13:16] CMP: my favorites demos are: Ecole buissoniere, Tire au flan, Backtro, S&koh , The demo (of course), The paradise demo, Synergy 1, DIA, DTC (great technical demo) and of course, Synergy 2. But, I love EVERY CPC DEMO I love both new-school & old-school demos.

[13:19] voXfReaX: Are there any upcoming projects expected from CMP or Impact in general?

[13:20] CMP: Yes. AST is coding Mario bros for CPC plus, and a little demo. It's strange, because AST is a great fan of Sonic, but his first game is Mario!!! loool I am coding my first CPC plus intro and I will also try to code a new demo for CPC old generation with the help of a great friend.

[13:21] voXfReaX: Good happy to hear that impact is working :)

[13:22] CMP: Yes! Also Demoniak codes a demo! All effects are ready, but we wait after S3 from demoniak lol Ludo...... please hurry! Actually, AST works on the problem of sprite collisions. The gfx, scrolls and layers are ready. I saw a screenshot… It's fantastic.

[15:17] voXfReaX: Chris, you are a member of the french cpc scene. Can you comment it?

[15:18] CMP: lol a member of the french cpc scene…yes and no. I was so active back at the 90s, but after I just coded some little intros and demos but I have been always following the CPC scene activity.

[15:20] voXfReaX: Aare you in contact with any CPC user? stupid question, I know

[15:21] CMP: yes stupid question I am in contact with Demoniak, Ast ,Iron Bdc, Overflow, Eno and with some other guys too.

[15:24] voXfReaX: Eno is a name of a CPC user?

[15:25] CMP: Yes. Eno is an old member of KOD, AST and, now, Impact I am happy to chat with them Their help is very useful, because they have a really great experience regarding CPC

[15:26] voXfReaX: For how long you think yourself as an active CPC user?

[15:28] CMP: I don't know. It depends on critics, motivation and of course time between the family and the work… It's hard!

[15:29] voXfReaX: What do you mean by saying "critics" man?

[15:30] CMP: lol. It's a great French tradition but I do not want to make any comments… I am using the joker card to avoid this question.

[15:31] voXfReaX: Well, you are a CPC coder. Have you ever tried to paint something or compose a music? How was the result?

[15:32] CMP: Yes, I tried but I am such a lamer at composing music and as for my graphics’ experience…. Hmmm, I am an "Old-school tendency" So, I prefer to ask other persons like Tom & Jerry or Kris for these stuff:)

[15:33] voXfReaX: Would you like to say something to the whole CPC scene? Any message?

[15:35] CMP: Yes Peace and respect! The CPC scene is a little scene So, stay cool and enjoy ALL the productions. Everyone is welcome. Old-comer or new-comer… No problem Come on!!!

[15:38] voXfReaX: Any last wish now Chris? You are going to be executed, when this interview will finish...

[15:40] CMP: Yes. For the last day of my life , I want to see a NEW demo from Longshot and Overflow :) Serge, Olivier Code on Also, something else… CC5 RULEZ! That's all.

[15:41] voXfReaX: But CC5 is cancelled Chris...

[15:42] CMP: I know but I hope to become true at the end.

[15:43] voXfReaX: OK... that's all Chris Thnx for your time and I really wish you the best man :)

[15:44] CMP: thanks voXfReaX and I wish a long life for your fanzine...

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Issue 14 February 2009

CPC Oxygen - Issue 14 February 2009

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