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Hello CPC freax! Once again, I am voXfReaX and I will be your guide at this nasty article called “CPC in the year 2008”. I know that my friend Optimus used to write this titled series of articles, but as he is kinda busy, I tried to give my best and write down everything I could remember and see at various CPC sites. Anyway, this article is like an overview of what happened in our great CPC scene during the past year that we all leave behind… So let’s start and see if I can write one good and also serious article for once :).

During the first month of 2008, there was something like an 8 bit twister - contest running at Pouet.net. Some CPC guys entered that contest back then… So let’s focus a bit to what our scene released. First, Grim released a 512 bytes twister called “Twistimus”. Nice one with cool movement…



Second participation was a Grim’s one again. After some comments, that 256 bytes rule, Grimmy decided to release a 256 bytes twister called “Twistiminus”. Despite, Optimus claiming that he will participate to the contest, he couldn’t make it cause of his army duty…  Never mind Optimus… Next time we will kick Grim’s ass for sure J


Third participation was a Shinra one. This 256 byte stuff, called Twister Pas Cher, was coded entirely in basic and the result was OK for basic coding. But Shinra did tell its last word… Continue reading and you will see….


Fourth one, but not a part of the twister contest but just another quick intro made by Grim in order to tease Optimus for his boredom released, called “Sintimus”. This one features 256 dots at full frame rate. Is nice and is cool… Stars shine at the sky, but down here we are the only ones that shine… 


Fifth participation was a basic coded production called “Twistiti”… Chiourne,a lone some CPC coder lurking on Pouet, but this time with, maybe, the best CPC basic twister ever. Really cool to watch… I personally love this one even if eyes are hurting after some time… :)



Chiourne couldn’t stop producing, so here comes the sixth participation with a 128 bytes twister. “Twistiti 128” the name with dirt exploding in your screen.


Another Shinra production was “Costimus”. Stars floating in a purple screen… Almost anything that CPC demoscene released at February.



After all that contest reviewed, I should review also a gamepack released from ESP soft and CEZ team. As it was cold back then, people reduce their activities and stay home more, where it is warmer. But too much inactivity sometimes can make you stupid, and more stupid and even much more stupid... That’s why “Small games for smart minds” released… Featuring small games that to pass a level must make your mind work (watch out: if brain is in inactivity for some time, do not harsh it… You might burn it :)


All the CPC members know Supersly and his design abilities after the various releases of Climax, which are simply awesome to watch… So, what better for the new designers to learn something cool from a CPC-guru??? :) Sypersly found some time and wrote down some really interesting stuff in “Les Sucres En Morceaux” site (http://sylvestre.cpcscene.com/ ). The articles are written in French but if anyone wants to learn something more, even babelfish can handle the translation ;).


Longshot is back at the scene. We all know that, we all are happy for that… Anyway, Longshot released a small hack of OCP Art Studio providing to the artists the possibility to view any time the screen by pressing the copy key.


In 2007, Ukonx (a famous PC group) entered the magical world of our scene. At the moment, Power is working in a CPC plus digi-tracker. Hopefully in 2009 we can see something from this group, as their introduction to our scene with “Hate Beats” was something amazing  :).


 During April, and as the twister contest I think has been off, Shinra couldn’t stop giving new twisters to the scene… The new twister (at that month at least :) was “Flipster”.


A meeting for cowboys was held in France during the 11th, 12th and the 13th of April, called CPC Meuuuhting. The meeting was organized by Eliot at Countances. A very nice demopack with some really cool graphics released by the participants after some time… The first screenshot that you see is from the menu part that was coded by Eliot of Benediction. Amazing graphics designed by CeD.


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