Four years. Four years is from 1985, the launch of the CPC 6128 to news of the PLUS range in 1989, a long time. It's the length of time from one world cup to the other, a long time. Yet that is the gap between issue 13 (which lets face it - was never finished) to issue 14. Yes, a very long time.

Well I'm glad to be back, all thanks to voXfReaX who emailed me a few months ago inquiring about the return of CPCO. So with his help and a few others CPCO issue 14 was created.

Ok, lets get reading...

John Kavanagh


Wife of perplexed editor. An ex-Commodore 64 user. She must have sabotaged CPC Oxygen into a four year delay! Never trust those ex Commodore 64 people. ;-)


Editor: John Kavanagh

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John Kavanagh

Snake Plissken

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Issue 14 February 2009

CPC Oxygen - Issue 14 ~February 2009

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