Issue: 14

Date: February 2009

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Issue 14, the last issue in an issue by issue format as CPC Oxygen is going all Web 2.0. voXrReaX looks back on the CPC on 2008 and does an interview with CMP. Snake Plissken reports on Castellum Secretum III and we explore the latest CPC emulator for the Palm PDA.

Issue: 13

Date: Spring 2005

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Issue 13 is very short as many articles weren't finished or even started in the first place. Still, there's a fantastic article on 'Future OS', check it out.

Issue: 12

Date: Summer 2004

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This issue we hit off with our new regular column 'The Perfect Computer' where we cover technologies that make or break the idea of a perfect computer. Another regular column is TechHQ, which is similar to Knowledge Base in early issues of CPC Oxygen.

Issue: 11

Date: Autumn 2003

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Issues 11 of CPC Oxygen has a all new style to it. Articles includes a interview with Simon Ullyatt of Cronosoft and a hard drive interface project as work in progress by Tim Riemann Also has loads of news, letter page and upcoming information on the new CPC Oxygen Yearbook. For french readers there is a translation of Switchblade by Christophe Godard.