Compact & Hardcopy

Yearbook Compact

A highly compressed version of the CPC Oxygen yearbook have been uploaded (thanks to Richard Fairhurst for that) to our download page (click here). It comes in at just over 6 Megabytes and only looses some image quality.

Yearbook Printed Version

A paper copy of the yearbook is also available from our shop at:

It has over 150 letter-sized pages, printed in black and white with a full colour cover. The price is as follows:


*Postage price is for Europe

Prices are in US$ since CafePress is an American company. The yearbook is a bit on the expensive side but the option is there for anyone wanting a good quality hardcopy. All profits will go back into the CPC Oxygen site.

DATE: 9 MAY 2004

Latest CPC News

CPC Paint has been released. It's a program for Windows which translates PC images into CPC screens. Check it out at:

Thanks to Chris Guelff for that news. If anyone got any CPC or retro news in general please feel free to share it with us at: john @

In other news, scanning of Amstrad Action will start up again from June onwards, we still have a few issues on our hard drives to upload. We also working on a new improved interface that works better with the site.

We also noticed that a few sites (can think of two, one British, one French) that are hosting Amstrad Action scans, neither CPCO or it scanners are responsible for this and didn't support those sites in any way as to keep with the agreement of Future Publishing. We honor their kind agreement down to the letter and will continue to do so. I personally got no problem with the above (not sure about Future Publishing) but shouldn't those sites at least give recognition to the scanners for their hard work? I think they should. Meanwhile, I'm off to read the latest issue of PC Format ;-)

DATE: 9 MAY 2004


The CPC Oxygen Yearbook 2004 is finally finished after months of delay. You can view it by clicking here. You can also download it by right clicking the link and selecting Save As.

Hardcopy and CD-ROM versions of the book won't be available until late May due to a number or reasons. The price for the hardcopy and CD-ROM is expected to be well under €10 each using

You'll need the latest version of acrobat viewer to view the yearbook. Any feedback is welcome at

Also for those who don't yet know, the Amtix scans by Stephen Stuttard are available to view on the digi-alt network. Click on the Amtix link to view the scans and to find out where you can purchase a CD containing every issue from this newsfield publication.

DATE: 30 APR 2004


The second CPC Oxygen site (first with dedicated URL) which came online January 2003 will be closed in the next few days. From now on CPC Oxygen can be accessed from here at which is a part of the (currently work in progress).

The main reason for the changes is for cost effectiveness, one domain, one server, for everything. The other reason is that while our old server provider was good, they just didn't offer the space we needed to hold scans for the Amstrad Action project (well not for a cheap price anyway).

Hopefully the change will be a smooth one and that we won't loose any of our regular visitors who might not have heard that we moved URLs. Oh almost forgot, the old email address will not be in use soon, so for the time I can be contacted at the following address:

On other news, the CPC Oxygen Yearbook is finished. It'll be uploaded here in the coming days. Sorry for the big delay, with college and so on it just kept at 90 percent plus completed for months.

DATE: 11 APR 2004


The following are all the posts from the message board on the old site, only 9 entries. You guys are not ones for posting messages, too busy playing / programming your CPCs? ;-) Notice the last post? I wonder is that really Adam Peters, former columnist of Amstrad Action?

John Kavanagh
Location: Ireland
Welcome to the new and improved site, feel free to leave a message.

Chris Guelff
Location: France
Very good new website : I'm happy to see that CPCO is still alive!

Location: Denmark
Looking forward to see the yearbook and i hope that this site and your projects in general will be a success. Hope to see even more to the CPC sites in the years to come.

Anthony Jordan
Location: Nottingham, UK
I still enjoy using my CPC. Currently I am transferring many of my personal CPC programs to my laptop PC using a parallel cable. It works well, but is slow. What's the quickest way of transferring disc images to .dsk files?

Location: France
Issue 11 is as good as the other ones - I'm very happy to see that CPC is still so appreciate.

Location: UK
Really like the site! Looking forward to your scan of AA86 cos I had a proggy published in that issue!

Jeff Anderson
Location: Australia
Hi from OZ. Great to see AA issues scanned and put up on the web. I started collecting AA's from about issue 77 so have missed quite a bit.

Joe Hartley
Location: Lancashire, England
Fantastic to find thata the CPC is still thriving after all these years, well we all knew it would. The Amstrad Action scans are a fantastic idea! I would say that, I got a letter printed once but lost the magazine.

Adam Peters
Location: the pub
*spots AA Depot* Ooh things with things wot I did things about things in. Ace. A real trip down memory lane, especially considering I lost all my own back issues when I had to do a runner from a shared flat (long story) about ten years back. Although if AA85 ever joins the Depot I suggest whoever scans it in puts a black bar over the tummy of the gimp on the cover. Oh the horror. Ta x.

DATE: 11 APR 2004


This site is still 'work in progress' but for a short time you can still visit the old site at

DATE: 17 JAN 2004