About Eight bit Magazine

Eight Bit Magazine started as a Kickstarter project back in March 2016 as a project to create a magazine for collectors and users of 8-bit computers. All 8-bit computers are covered from the ultra rare to the best selling computer of all time, the Commodore 64.

After a highly successful kickstarter issue 2 onwards will be published quarterly. Each issue will be at least 68, A5 pages in full colour with the goal of creating the excitement of computer magazines of the 1980's. Topics covered will be everything 8-bit, from hardware, software, programming and 8-bit culture. Our eyes won't be totally focused on the past as the 8-bit scene is still going strong and growing stronger. We will cover the release of new hardware and software and best of all, meeting the people involved in the scene who love those computers as much as we do.

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